bitBOMB swap/liquidity

ONLY use bitBOMB to create liquidity when the pegged token is under peg, creating it elsewhere (Pancakeswap) will result in a 30% tax!
For ease of use we have created our own Swap and Liquidity pages on our site! Swapping some of our tokens require multiple transactions on swap sites, so we built in manual routes to do it in one transaction for you!
Also, when creating an LP when an LP pair (e.g bitDOT/ DOT) is under peg, (say bitDOT is 0.95 peg) this will result in a taxable event UNLESS you use our liquidity page here (we have whitelisted our swapper from being taxed). If you create the LP on Pancakeswap, you will incur a 18% fee. Make sure you use our page!