bitBTC / bitDOT / bitADA / bitATOM Distribution

How BOMB will be distributed upon supply expansion
At the beginning of every epoch, if the time-weighted average price (TWAP) of bitBTC/bitDOT/bitADA/bitATOM is greater than 1.001, new bitBTC/bitDOT/bitADA/bitATOM will be minted in the Boardroom.
The amount of new bitBTC/bitDOT/bitADA/bitATOM distributed depends on our position above peg and also the current circulating supply of bitBTC/bitDOT/bitADA/bitATOM.
Circulating Supply
Max BOMB Minted
500k or less
All set to 2.5%, will be adjusted in the future.
Up to 1M
Up to 1.5M
Up to 2M
Up to 5M
Up to 10M
Up to 20M
Up to 50M
Currently expansions are set to 2.5% across the board, however these are subject to change at the teams discretion.