Staggered Boardroom Epochs

An innovative and new idea which the bitBOMB team has implemented into the protocol is the unique way in which our Boardrooms print at different times!

Why does this help?

Having staggered epochs increases demand on our bitSHARE token for a few reasons.

One of which is that there is only a 1 epoch lockup in our boardrooms, this means that if you deposit just before an epoch ends, your bitSHARE will be locked in there for just over 8 hours (1 epoch). You can then withdraw, if you want to, and re-stake into another boardroom!

Another reason is that by having staggered prints, if bitSHARE are sold by, for example, our bitDOT holders as their token is under peg, the bitBTC users with their token overpeg will jump at the chance for discounted bitSHARES and buy them up before their print!

What's the current order of epochs?

  1. bitBTC boardroom epoch begins at launch, 14th July 1pm EST.

  2. bitATOM boardroom epoch rolls over two hours later.

  3. bitADA boardroom epoch rolls over two hours after bitATOM.

  4. bitDOT boardroom epoch rolls over two hours after bitADA.

  5. bitBTC boardroom epoch rolls over again.

  6. Cycle carries on!

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